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Conner Smith

Connor Brooks puts up decorations recently at his family’s home near Walnut Grove, Ga.

Please allow me to introduce to you, Conner Brooks.

Conner, 13, lives next door to my husband and me. He lives with his single mother, Jennifer Brooks, and his grandparents, Ray and Beverly Miller.

Conner is a unique child. At any early age he was very fascinated with firemen. He wanted to be a fireman. He wanted to learn and observe everything about a fireman. He even had a “real” fireman hose, suit and gear.

Several years later, Conner took an interest in lawn maintenance because one of our neighbors owns a landscaping business. He watched, he observed and he learned to the best of his abilities.

Every time a lawn maintenance company would be in our neighborhood, Conner would stand for hours watching everything they did.

At the age of 11, he would ride through the neighborhood on his grandfather’s riding lawnmower, pulling all of his equipment needed for his lawn service. He even had business cards printed.

Oh, and lest I forget, he also has equipment for pressure washing!

Recently, his new fascination has been decorating his house and yard for Christmas. The interest started a few years ago, because our lawn maintenance neighbors decorate their house beautifully at Christmas.

This year, Conner watched and observed Mr. Evans as he was stringing the lights on the house. So, this year Conner decided he would tackle hanging lights on their house and he also added several new decorations for the yard, with little or no assistance or advice from anyone. Each day Conner would get home from school, he would immediately get busy in the yard with the lights and the decorations.

Now you tell me, how many 13-year-old boys are driven to work like this outside the house? This was quite a job to tackle for anyone at any age, but with him 13 years old, I for one am impressed!

Our young neighbor is becoming a Jack — I mean a Conner — of all trades! His work is not perfection as of yet, but he is only 13. It will get there in the days and years to come. He absolutely has the ambition and the desire.

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