Traffic Stop

A dash-mounted camera captured footage of a traffic stop Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016, in Social Circle in which police Officer James Sanders stopped a car on North Cherokee Road. Sanders was fired Dec. 1 for violating administrative regulations or departmental policies and procedures in connection with the stop.

SOCIAL CIRCLE — A police officer has been fired for an alleged violation of city policy.

Chief Tyrone Oliver fired Officer James Eugene Sanders on Thursday.

Oliver placed Sanders on leave Monday after questions were raised about Sanders’ actions in a Nov. 23 traffic stop on North Cherokee Road. Sanders had stopped a black Jeep and talked with the driver and three passengers after one, a 17-year-old, yelled “F--- the police” at Sanders as he was pulled over to the side of the road.

Footage from the traffic stop captured by a camera mounted on the dash of Sanders’ patrol car showed Sanders appearing to get upset with one of the passengers of the Jeep.

An anonymous woman called Oliver later that day about Sanders pulling over the vehicle and proceeding “to cuss at all of the occupants.”

Sanders apparently offered the teenaged passenger the opportunity to fight him and threatened to search the Jeep and its passengers.

Oliver asked Sgt. Samantha Rose to get a statement from Sanders on the incident, and Oliver said Sanders’ body-worn camera revealed several discrepancies. Sanders also apparently failed to document the reasons for the traffic stop.

Oliver gave Sanders notice of an internal investigation and notice of administrative leave with pay.

Sanders had been with the Social Circle Police Department for eight years. His personnel file showed an oral warning for failure to provide assistance in 2013, a reprimand for conduct/behavior in 2014 and a written warning for violating the administrative regulations or departmental rules in January.

In the 2014 incident, Sanders allegedly made comments to Social Circle High School employees about "blowing up" the school, using a Taser on an administrator and mailing anthrax to the school.

Sanders has seven calendar days to respond to City Manager Adele Schirmer but had not done so as of Friday morning.

Look for more on this story in the weekend edition of The Walton Tribune.


Brittney Fitzpatrick is a former staff writer for The Walton Tribune. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

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Hopefully, Chad Bowman will be next!
Anybody ever ask you about that GBI theft investigation, Bowman??

Sophie Katt

This cop should have been fired when he threatened to send anthrax to the staff of a local high school, and use a Taser on a school administrator, and blow up their building.

It's not too late, though.

It will be when he either follows through on his threats or beats someone's kid into a coma.

That being said, if I thought for a minute that MY son had yelled "F the police" at a law enforcement officer?

Hoooo, doggies.

There'd be NO END to the trouble he would be in, with me.

Not to mention the embarrassment of being marched down to the police station BY HIS MAMA, and forced to give a VERY LOUD, VERY LONG, APOLOGY.

I won't have that kind of disrespect from some bratty kid.

That being said - if you, the adult, the SUPPOSEDLY SANE ONE IN THE SITUATION, offer to "fight' him on the side of the road?

Hoooo, doggies.

Right back to square 1, we go.


I personally see several things about this video imo....a cop with anger issues teen boys makin bad choices however not illegal I understand its offensive but not illegal under the first amendmant ..freedom of speech...these houng men need to understand and gain knowledge of the bill of rights...all the intimidation bs the cop was doing was nothing more than just simply scared them...anyone with basic knowledge of there rights couldve diffused him real quick...I WOULD URGE ALL CITIZENS TO LEARN YOUR BILL OF RIGHTS...we live in the USA not nazi germany.the officer then orders everyone out and starts to attempt an illegal search and seizure amendmant 4 puts a stop to that...he then tells the teens nah I aint gonna do that im not an ahole...he didnt do it because it was a violation of the young mens constitutional rights and he knew bad they all for law enforcement and respect officers that do there job in an appropriate way....I hope this officer learns frm this and I wish him the best in the future...police officers take an oath to uphold the constitution do the public and yourself proud and HONOR YOUR OATH.

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