Like worker bees buzzing away at making honey, the volunteers who gather to help prepare lunches for children in the community through the FISH4Kids program work as fast as they can to prepare over 1,900 sack-lunches.

MONROE, Ga. — With schoolchildren throughout Walton County facing two weeks without school, and therefore school lunches, Faith in Serving Humanity is stepping into the breach with an emergency session of its normal summer program FISH4Kids.

FISH, the faith-based charitable nonprofit organization in Walton County, delivers free lunches to underserved areas in Walton County every day during the summer to ensure students in low-income homes will still receive meals when school meals are not available.

As soon as the schools announced their imminent closings, FISH announced on Facebook it would begin emergency deliveries of food beginning Monday and pushed out an urgent call for volunteers to help prepare meals and deliver food.

“We need help,” Cindy Little, executive director of FISH, said. “We need help to deliver food to these children, as well as to the elderly who do not need to be out and about for the next two weeks.

“We are also asking for donations of bars of soap or liquid hand soap to add to each of our boxes of food we deliver.”

FISH4Kids will be delivering food each day from Monday until schools choose to reopen. Currently, schools are set to stay closed through March 27, but further evaluation is expected before schools possibly reopen on March 30.

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Stephen Milligan is a staff writer for The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.