Polls in Monroe and Social Circle closed at 7 p.m. in the Tuesday municipal elections. All results are complete but unofficial.

Monroe City Council District 1

Candidate Votes Percentage
x-Lee P. Malcom (i) 91 96.81%
Write-ins 3 3.19%

Monroe City Council District 2

Candidate  Votes Percentage
x-Myoshia Crawford 72 74.23%
Pete McReynolds  25 25.77%
Write-ins 0 0%

Monroe City Council District 4

Candidate Votes Percentage
x-Larry Bradley (i) 95 76%
Jenifer S. Goodman 29 23.2%
Write-ins 1 0.8%

Monroe City Council District 5

Candidate Votes Percentage
x-Norman Garrett 63 98.44%
Write-ins 1 1.56%

Monroe City Council District 7

Candidate Votes Percentage
Montaque Foster 123 35.24%
x-Nathan Little (i)  225 64.47%
Write-ins 0 0%

Social Circle Mayor

Candidate Votes Percentage
x-Hal W. Dally (i) 349 90.89%
Write-ins 35 9.11%

Social Circle City Council District 2

Candidate Votes Percentage
x-Tyson Jackson 69 61.06%
Angela M. Porter (i) 44 38.94%
Write-ins 0 0%

Social Circle City Council District 4

Candidate Votes Percentage
Wayne McMillan 97 47.78%
x-Steve Shelton (i)  106 52.22%
Write-ins  0 0%

Social Circle Board of Education District 1

Candidate Votes Percentage
Larry Cross (i) 38 45.78%
x-Sinclair N. Grey III 45 54.22%
Write-ins 0 0%

Social Circle Board of Education District 3

Candidate Votes Percentage
x-John M. Callahan (i) 113 100%
Write-ins  0 0%

(i) denotes the incumbent

x denotes the winner

News Editor

Stephen Milligan is the news editor of The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

Brittney Fitzpatrick is a former staff writer for The Walton Tribune. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

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