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Over 40 football players from Walton County are on college football rosters this season, according to a list compiled by Georgia High School Football Daily.

Loganville is No. 1 in the county with 14 current college football players, Walnut Grove is No. 2 with 12 current players and Monroe Area and George Walton are tied for third with seven each. Loganville Christian is fifth with three, followed by Social Circle with one.

Grayson, just across the county line in Loganville, is No. 1 in Georgia with 70 current college football players. 

Steve Slay, a volunteer researcher with the Georgia High School Football Historians Association, has compiled a list of 4,631 former Georgia high school football players on 2021 college football rosters.

Slay’s work entails collecting data from college football’s more an 800 teams from NCAA Division I to JUCO. He’s researched college rosters for Georgia players for the past 15 years.

Here’s a school-by-school look at Walton’s college football players for the 2021 season:

George Walton Academy (7) – Darius Barnum (Berry), Michael Dagenhart (LaGrange), Jackson Ellerbee (Stetson), Thomas Jones (Georgia State), Brandon Spencer (Fordham), Terence Thorpe (Berry), Jake Whitten (Berry)

Loganville Christian (3) – Jordan Jackson (Montana Tech), Dana Lucas (LaGrange), LaJalan Stephens (Point)

Loganville (14) – Will Akins (Methodist), Sheldon Arnold II (East Tennessee State), Donte Burton (Wisconsin), Anthony Gangi (Reinhardt), Prince Mukuna (Lawrence), Brandon Oglesby (South Carolina State), Neto Okpala (Boston College), Dozie Okpala (Mount Union), Max Smith (South Alabama), Landon Spooner (North Greenville), Brandon Thornton (LaGrange), Evan Vaughan (Cumberland-Tenn.), Cam Williams (Troy), Josiah Wright (Wheeling)

Monroe Area (7) – Tyvonte Brooks (Methodist), Elijah Compton (Wingate), Chris Guthrie (LaGrange), Charlie Jackson (Gardner-Webb), Cooper Jensen (Berry), Brandon Moody (Berry), Jakia Thompson (North Greenville)

Social Circle (1) – Eric Taylor (Erskine) 

Walnut Grove (12) – Deveccio Brown (Iowa Wesleyan), Cameron M. Brown (Savannah State), Brady Dexter (Waldorf), Dallas Dimsdale (LaGrange), Colin Evon (Shorter), Caleb King (Bethany-W.Va.), Chandler King (Bethany-W.Va.), Thomas Little (Western Illinois), Luke Moorhead (North Carolina Wesleyan), Brady Penn (Brevard), Joc Pledger (Brevard), Colby Yancey (Brevard)

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