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Walmart will cut the number of customers allowed in stores starting Saturday as it tries to reduce further the risk of COVID-19.

While some people have either lost their job or been sent home without pay due to the spread of COVID-19, some companies are looking to expand their workforce both in part-time and full-time positions.

Silver Queen, at this point, needs very little introduction to Monroe.

A son and his father are opening a dentist’s office together in Monroe.

In July of 2009, Georgia Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond spoke to a gathering of about 100 people in Walton County about Georgia’s, and America’s, struggling economy.

Gov. Brian Kemp on Friday said Lidl US, a grocery retailer, will build a $100 million regional distribution center in Covington.

State energy regulators approved a rate increase for Georgia Power Co. on Tuesday that will raise its basic service fee for residential customers during the next three years by $168 a year.

When Southern Brewing Co. Monroe opened a few weeks ago in downtown, it was the third downtown establishment serving alcohol to open in 2019.

Downtown Monroe added another restaurant on Monday when LR Burger joined the growing number of eateries popping up in the area.

The federal government has sued a local company over its alleged failure to give a worker extra bathroom breaks, then firing her.

Brian Thompson heads up Monroe’s Electricity and Telecommunications Department, putting him in charge of getting residents electricity and internet. Here, he talks about Monroe’s growing high-speed fiber network, and tries  to explain the mysteries and future of 5G wireless networks, which V…

Economic indicators point toward continued growth in the Walton County economy, but the area is still shaking off effects of the recession.

Athens Technical College’s branch in Monroe provides a link between school and the growing number of industries in Walton County and the surrounding area. Here, Executive Director Lenzy Reid talks about how the school equips the area’s workforce and what skills are in demand in this part of …

Downtown Monroe will abound with flowers this Saturday morning, the city hosts the Monroe Blooms Flower Festival from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Workforce is often the number one concern companies have when thinking about locating in Walton County. They are unsure the area has enough skilled labor to meet their needs. A big part of Dessa Morris’ job is to change that.

Dr. Richard Jacob is going skydiving at the Monroe-Walton Airport on Saturday. It won’t be his first time.

It’s quiet now, at Whippoorwill Hollow Farm. The fields and green houses sit untended, filling with weeds.

Warmer weather means it’s time for concerts in two of Walton County’s downtowns.

The Antiques Capital of Georgia is losing its largest dealer of old but not forgotten things. Ian Henderson’s Antique Mall will shut down on June 30, after close to 20 years in Monroe, the last seven at the Walton Mill on South Broad Street.

Shane Short has been at the head of the Development Authority of Walton County since 2013. He's the county's point person for recruiting new companies to Walton County and developing existing ones. His job is a complicated one, full of code names, secret negotiations and arcane tax breaks, b…

The pigs at Jensen’s Reserve, a small farm in Loganville, do not look like most pigs.

Note: We're starting a new, feature in this business section called 5 Questions. We'll be asking various people involved with business in Walton County five questions about what they do, how they do it, and the challenges they face. We hope you learn something. First up, Walton EMC CEO Ronnie Lee.

J.T. Anderson worked from home for three years. He was living in Grayson and running an IT company he founded.

Three employees of Bank of Madison recently were promoted to new positions at Bank of Madison and Bank of Social Circle.

After serving as the town’s Main Street Director for several years, Velinda Hardy is leaving Social Circle.

A little over a year ago, China decided to stop buying our junk.

Technical colleges provide a crucial leg-up to all kinds of people in all kinds of places, which in turn benefits everyone. Walton County is no different.

As part of George Walton Academy’s Winter Term, students could take an entrepreneurial class where they take a service project, business or product, develop a pre-launch plan and present it to a panel of Walton County community members.

Loganville City Manager Danny Roberts often says his city his four years into a 10-year process toward reviving downtown.

Angela Smith spends about $55 on gas every week, mostly driving from Monroe to Oxford every day for work.

Cattle farmer wins district’s 2018 prize, scholarships given

Walton County’s public schools have demonstrated an increasing ability to teach reading, ’riting and ’rithmatic with the best of them, as demonstrated by rising test scores across the board.

MONROE — The Monroe-Walton County Airport is expanding, undergoing a $1.3 million facelift that will add more space for planes and prepare the place for more growth in the future.

About 10 years ago, Brian Kearney could barely run a mile. He’d been fit at one point, having played baseball in college, but after years working on country club golf courses, he’d lost it.

Monroe's economic development specialist, Sadie Krawczyk, earned the Georgia Certified Economic Developer certificate from the University of Georgia, having finished the program this month.

The boxes and packages were piling up inside Rinse Bath & Body last Friday morning, with dozens of workers milling about, trying to get as many of them in the mail as quickly as possible.

ATHENS — The fourth floor of Creswell Hall looks pretty much like your typical residence hall, but the students living here are far from typical. They are all entrepreneurs: risk-takers who want to turn their ideas into businesses.

It’s complicated. It’s boring. When said out loud, it sounds like a rain boot hitting a puddle.

Unemployed and $30,000 in debt, Tyeshia Porter went to the job fair looking to launch a career as a massage therapist.

John’s Supermarket in Monroe has been a family business since 1965, when John Thompson started selling meat and produce out of the old John’s building, next door to the current store.