The Hodges

 Dan A. Hodges (left) and Daniel B. Hodges are the dentists at Hodges Family Dentistry in Monroe. Daniel’s wife Tori is a hygienist there as well.

A son and his father are opening a dentist’s office together in Monroe.

Dan A. Hodges and his son Daniel B. Hodges are in opposite points of their respective careers. Dan has been practicing for 37 years. Daniel graduated from University of Georgia’s dental school in May 2019.

But they are teaming up to start Hodges Family Dentistry on W. Spring Street in Monroe.

“I’m excited to work with him, most of the time,” Daniel said of the partnership with his father.

“I’ll be able to teach him and help him learn some more complicated procedures,” Dan said.

“It’s something I’m looking forward to.”

It was Daniel’s idea for the family office. The Hodges owned the land where the new office now sits. Daniel came to his dad, who’d been practicing for decades in Conyers, with the idea of opening a joint practice in their hometown.

The plan is for the two of them to work together for a few years, and then for Dan to gradually take a step back.

“I’m ready to cut back,” Dan said.

“I hope to come in a little later, maybe start taking Friday off.”

And if two Hodges weren’t enough, Daniel’s wife, Tori, will be a hygienist at the office.

Daniel, who started shadowing dentists in high school, said he couldn’t wait to get into the swing of practicing full-time. The office officially opened last Monday.

“He’s going to be a great dentist,” Dan said about his son.

Andrew Kenneson was a staff writer for The Walton Tribune from 2018-20.

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