Storm Damage

A thunderstorm causes damage in the Gratis community Monday afternoon, May 3, 2021, in Monroe, Ga.

MONROE, Ga. — A severe thunderstorm early Monday afternoon caused damage in the Gratis community.

A handful of Walton Electric Membership Corp. members remained without power in the Ike Stone Road area at 3 p.m.

Around 1 p.m., a storm blew through, downing trees in the area of Ike Stone and Paul Verner roads.

Martha Trollinger, who lives off Ike Stone Road in unincorporated Monroe, said the storm tore through their property, leaving her convinced they got the brunt of a full-blown tornado.

“I thought the windows were going to blow out,” she said. “It sounded like a train coming through.”

Trollinger said she and her husband stayed close in the center of the house while the storm pushed through, a process which she said took only three minutes or so but felt much longer.

When she looked out, it was to see her yard transformed.

“It came through and was gone and left all this mess,” she said.

The house took little damage itself, with only some damage to the siding and one blown window on the second floor. But the yard and wider land around the property was another story.

“It took down 50 to 60 trees,” she said. “It smashed through the fencing and took down the gatehouse. We couldn’t get out the driveway until the emergency workers came and cleared it out. The power was out for a while.”

She’s grateful, however, she and her husband were unhurt.

“It was scary,” she said.

The National Weather Service in Atlanta issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern Walton County, including Loganville, Monroe and Walnut Grove, at 11:53 a.m., extending to 12:30 p.m.

Wind gusts to 17 mph were reported at the Winder airport at 12:15 p.m.

News Editor Stephen Milligan contributed to this report.


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