LOGANVILLE — An accident at the intersection of Brand and Oak Grove roads Thursday in Loganville resulted in two teen brothers being transported to Gwinnett Medical Center, one in a serious condition, according to Loganville police.

Lt. John Fain of the Loganville Police Department said the accident happened at about 1 p.m. when the vehicle driven by an 18-year-old turned in front of a pickup truck at the intersection.

"The traffic was backed up and someone motioned for him to turn," Fain said. "He did, into the path of the truck."

Fain said the passenger, who was the 16-year-old brother of the driver, was transported to the hospital in a serious condition. The driver was later also transported to the hospital as well, but his injuries were not as serious. Officials said the driver of the truck did not have any serious injuries and did not require transportation to the hospital.

The 18-year-old driver was charged with failure to yield. Officials have not released the names at this time.

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I hope these kids are okay. To the State of GA, please move the driving age up! Please implement a driving test administered by a qualified instructor. Please provide divers education in H.S. or require xhours of instruction before issuing the liscense.
Age / experience / education would have helped this young man to ignore the other driver waving him on. Going out onto GA roads is a big risk w/ all the unqualified young drivers who firmly believe they are invincible.

bretter59 Staff

Teen driver are required under joshua's law to have driver education with x amount of hours of driving experiance before they can even get their license.


Joshua's law requires 16 year old to have a number of hours taken in driver's ed. Or the can choose to wait till the 17 and go get the license straight, That what i had to do, and i honestly it to me it help out another year with my leaners. But here in this story it was an 18 year old driving.


I hope the teens are OK. Several factors contributed to this accident - age & inexperience of driver and a dangerous intersection that needs attention (one of several in Loganville) before a fatality occurs. Also, while it was nice for a driver to wave the teens forward it gave the false impression that the lane was clear.

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