Loganville is on pace to surpass Monroe as Walton County’s largest city during this decade.

The 2010 Census shows Monroe with 13,234 people. Loganville has 10,458.

In all, Walton County has 83,768 people. That’s less than what many estimates showed, but still a 38 percent increase from 2000. 

Loganville’s population jumped 92 percent in a decade. The city had 5,435 people in 2000. Monroe saw growth in the 2000s, as the population increased by 16 percent. There were 11,407 residents in Monroe 11 years ago.

Loganville Mayor Ray Nunley said there is no competition with Monroe, but added the growth is good for his city.

“To me, that’s a very positive thing for Loganville,” he said. “We have been able to add quality residential construction rather than multifamily housing, which really preserves our high demographics.”

Most towns in Walton County grew in the past decade, but none more impressively than Between. The city doubled in population, to 296, and is no longer the county’s smallest city. Jersey, which lost 26 people and now has a population of 137, is now the smallest. Good Hope, Social Circle and Walnut Grove all posted growth in the 2000s.

The possibility of Loganville being bigger than Monroe doesn’t bother Mayor Greg Thompson, saying his city has grown at a manageable rate, preventing problems like gridlocked traffic.

“If you look back over the last 20 years, Monroe’s grown really steadily,” Thompson said. “It’s just easier for us to handle.”

Walton was one of 15 counties in the 28-county metro Atlanta area with growth of at least 25 percent in the past decade. Two of the fastest-growing counties in metro Atlanta border Walton: Newton, which grew by 61 percent, and Barrow, which jumped 50 percent.

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