About Us! Loganville

Although The Loganville Tribune began in 2005, the paper's roots actually are nearly as old as Loganville itself.

The Walton Tribune was first published in January 1900 and fast became the newspaper of record for Walton County. And while The Walton Tribune prided itself on coverage of Loganville, that coverage stopped at the Gwinnett County line.

As Loganville grew toward the west into Gwinnett County, part of the city was without a local newspaper. That changed on Oct. 7, 2005, with the first issue of The Loganville Tribune.

The new paper featured news of all of Loganville, plus western Walton County, eastern Gwinnett County and the city of Grayson.

"We are now bringing the same level of dedication our readers in Walton County have known for years to the residents of East Gwinnett, becoming the only paper to consistently cover Loganville as a single community, rather than in geographic pieces," then-Publisher Patrick Graham wrote in the first issue.

The Loganville Tribune has been recognized for General Excellence in the Georgia Press Association's annual newspaper contest.

Although the final print edition of The Loganville Tribune was published in July 2010, the commitment to providing excellent local news coverage continues. LoganvilleTribune.com is the leading online local news source for western Walton and eastern Gwinnett counties.