SNELLVILLE, Ga. — Traffic will begin utilizing the displaced left turn lanes on U.S. 78/Georgia 10 in order to turn left onto Georgia 124 (Scenic Highway) on Wednesday.

Crews will work overnight Tuesday and have the intersection operational before Wednesday’s morning commute, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

This is the second displaced left turn intersection built in the state of Georgia; the first one is located in Dawson County at state Route 400 and state Route 53.

This project implements improvements to Henry Clower Boulevard, along with constructing displaced left turns from U.S. 78 onto state Route 124, and adds southbound right turn lanes from state Route 124 on to U.S. 78.

All of these improvements will increase safety and traffic flow.

Northbound drivers are reminded no right or left turns will be permitted onto U.S. 78 from state Route 124.

Northbound traffic wanting to turn right on U.S. 78 toward Loganville or left toward Stone Mountain will now use Henry Clower Boulevard.

Southbound traffic on state Route 124 headed toward I-20 and Lithonia that wish to turn right toward I-20 will enter dedicated right-turn lanes.

Southbound through traffic and left turns will not be significantly different.

GDOT says the project has led to an up to 80% reduction in travel delay times where implemented.

City officials said work and paving will continue after Wednesday. While the project will be completed by the fall, landscaping will still be ongoing through the planting season in spring.

For more information about the project, visit

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