Both candidates for the open seat of mayor of Between vow to make sure Walton’s tiny hamlet is not forgotten.

Robert Post and Jonathan Page are both vying for the mayor’s seat and the two met virtually on May 19 to debate the merits of their platforms during the Walton County Chamber of Commerce’s third online debate for candidates for city positions.

Bob Post has lived with his wife in Between for five years, having served for nearly four decades with the Gwinnett County Fire Services and as emergency services director for Barrow County before retiring to Walton County.

His management experience in those bodies, including a stint as chief financial officer for Gwinnett Fire, gives him the experience to help lead Between out of its civic doldrums.

“The council has fine, dedicated members, but it lacks a vision for the future,” Post said. “There is a gap of leadership. I can supply both.”

Post said despite expected growth in the area, Between has been out of the spotlight for many in Walton.

“We’ve been overlooked by the county for too long,” Post said. “We need a seat at the table. Now is the time to get a handle on how we want to grow and it will be my job to do that.”

Page, however, works for a consulting firm and boasts experience in real estate, finance and banking. He wants to transition those skills to government by taking the reins in Between as the new mayor.

“We’re not a huge city,” Page said. “So we must make our money work better for us. With my experience, I can find money where this is none. We’re going to get to work.”

Page said Between must attract more business and said as mayor he would be the foremost figure in working for that goal.

“The mayor is the face of the town,” Page said. “Right now, there is no face for Between to the county. We have no website, no social media page. I want to put Between back on the map.”

The Between election will be held June 9. Early voting is ongoing and mail-in ballots will be accepted until Election Day.

Stephen Milligan is a staff writer for The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

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