MADISON, Ga. — Times-Journal Inc. of Marietta has purchased the Morgan County Citizen and associated magazines and website.

“We are excited to welcome another fine community newspaper to our group of publications,” Otis Brumby III of Times-Journal Inc. and publisher of the Marietta Daily Journal said. “The Citizen has long been a part of Morgan County and top on our priority list is to continue that legacy that began with its launch in 1846.”

Morgan County Citizen Publisher Patrick Yost called publishing the local paper a “gratifying experience.”

“Dianne and I have relished the time we have served Morgan County and the Lake Oconee area,” he said. “We will always be indebted to our friends and business partners.”

The Yosts founded Main Street Communications Inc., the parent company of the Morgan County Citizen and Lake Oconee Living magazine, in 1997. In 2001, they purchased The Madisonian and merged the two newspapers.

Times-Journal publishes daily and weekly newspapers including the Marietta Daily Journal, the Rome News Tribune, the Cherokee Tribune/Ledger and two dozen more weeklies.

“It is an honor and a privilege for my sister Lee and I to be the third generation of managers of a family-owned newspaper business,” Brumby said.

“Growing up, our father taught us the value of hard work, faith, family and integrity. We take our new responsibility to the people of Morgan County seriously and look forward to getting to know, working with and serving the people in those communities.”

The Marietta Daily Journal was first printed in 1866. Otis A. Brumby Sr. started the Cobb County Times in 1916 and purchased the Daily Journal in 1951.

Otis Brumby Jr. took over as publisher in 1967 and Otis Brumby III succeeded him in 2012.

The Brumbys’ uncle, Earl Leonard Jr., owned The Madisonian in the 1940s and 1950s before selling it in 1952.

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