Destinee Long

Walnut Grove senior Destinee Long worked at the Monroe Police Department this summer through the WIOA In-School Youth Program.

Destinee Long, a senior from Walnut Grove High School, spent five weeks this summer discovering the responsibilities and benefits that come with being employed.

This opportunity was made possible by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act In-School Youth Program. Long worked as a customer service and clerical assistant at the Monroe Police Department, giving her experience in interacting with the public and co-workers. She developed valuable organizational skills, a general knowledge of office and worksite procedures, as well as an understanding of what it means to be employed.

The WIOA program, administered by the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission under the oversight of the Northeast Georgia Workforce Development Board, includes youth in a 12-county area. To qualify, these youth must meet income eligibility requirements and have at least one other barrier.

Throughout the 12-county area, 84 youth worked at local government worksites, non-profit agencies and some private sector businesses this summer.

The youth worked up to five weeks and up to 30 hours per week. They were paid through the WIOA. The program, administered by ACTION Inc., continues throughout the school year where the students work with case managers who ensure they are on track in school with grades, attendance and behavior. The youth also attend workshops that help them with money management, leadership, work skills and career pathways.

For further information on WIOA services for youth, adult, or dislocated workers, contact the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission’s Workforce Development division at 706-369-5703.

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