Carol Fairman

Carol Fairman, executive director of the PRC, holds up a staff in her best imitation of Moses as she talks about being equipped by God.

Carol Fairman held the staff over her head as she addressed the crowd, doing her best Moses impression before the hundreds gathered in the sanctuary of 1025 Church in Monroe.

“God has equipped us,” Fairman, executive director of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Walton County, said. “He has equipped our center with amazing staff and volunteers who care deeply, with a committed board and churches dedicated to our mission. You are that support.”

The center held its annual fundraising gala Thursday night and the theme of support and community care echoed all through the evening.

Dr. David Fields, the medical director for the PRC and its new clinic in Loganville, said he was excited to have the newest facility open to help women with their pregnancies and other medical needs on the western edge of the county.

“We are pleased to see God working through this organization,” Fields said. “We are pleased to have opened our new facility in Logan­ville. It will impact many lives.”

The new clinic not only will provide counseling and assistance to pregnant women, guiding them toward choosing life for their unborn child instead of electing for an abortion, but it also offers many other medical services, including testing for sexually transmitted illnesses.

“We are writing new protocols and setting a precedent for other centers like ours,” Fields said.

There was also a running theme of people committing to a goal, despite sometimes facing unusual circumstances to get there. Fields said he worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic during his medical residency, despite having no desire to enter such a place.

“God wanted me there,” Fields said. “He closed every other door to me. So I said I’ll serve there but I’ll glorify God in everything I do there. I was probably the last resident they ever asked for from our program. But God was exposing me to that.”

Fairman, on the other hand, admitted she initially had no desire to come to the PRC.

“I argued with God over coming to work here,” Fairman said. “I didn’t want to work here. I didn’t want to care about abortion or that. I wanted to stay where I was comfortable and knew I was good at what I did. God let me argue with Him and boy, did I argue. But He kept redirecting me here and He kept equipping me.”

Now, Fairman is dedicated to preventing abortions and helping pregnant women in the area choose life, instead.

“God is using our volunteers and staff to save souls,” Fairman said. “We had 11 salvations last year, and we celebrated 97 first birthdays last year, as well.”

The pro-life crowd capped off the evening with remarks from guest speaker Ryan Bomberger, founder of the Radiance Foundation, which promotes adoption and pro-life messaging.

Bomberger himself is an adoptee — one of 13 children raised in his multicultural family — as well as a child of rape, and it has made his mission personal as he combats Planned Parenthood and the abortion culture.

“We’re motivated by love,” Bomberger said. “Some of the best things in life are unplanned. God allows triumph to emerge from tragedy all the time.”

Bomberger commended the PRC and the many local churches that support it, saying too many churches in America had drifted to the wrong side of the debate.

“We see it happening in state after state as the culture of death take over,” Bomberger said. “Too many churches are silent. But we cannot be silent. We want to challenge those myths.”

Bomberger said the mission of the PRC and other such clinics remained vital in saving lives and ensuring lives like his would emerge to make a difference in the future.

“Adoption unleashes purpose,” he said. “We may not have been humanly planned, but we are all divinely planned.”

News Editor

Stephen Milligan is the news editor of The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

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