Kemp Tours Piedmont

Gov. Brian Kemp tours Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

At least 62 new hospital beds will come on line to help Georgia cope with COVID-19.

Gov. Brian Kemp and Kevin Brown, the president and CEO of Atlanta-based Piedmont Healthcare, announced Tuesday a partnership for additional hospital bed surge capacity to treat patients of the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

That added capacity is in the Marcus Tower of the Piedmont Atlanta campus.

“I’m very grateful to Kevin Brown and the entire Piedmont Healthcare team for their willingness to partner with the state of Georgia and provide this critical resource to patients and surrounding hospitals,” Kemp said in a statement.

“These hospital beds will provide additional surge capacity for health care facilities in metro Atlanta and ensure COVID-19 patients receive the essential care they need.”

The partnership includes 62 beds at first, with the capability of ramping up space as needed.

Piedmont Healthcare is a nonprofit that owns Piedmont Walton Hospital in Monroe.

The Marcus Tower is part of the vast Atlanta campus of Piedmont, built to house the Piedmont Heart Institute and centers for heart, vascular and cardiovascular health.

A $75 million gift from Bernie and Billie Marcus via the Marcus Foundation started the project.

“Our mission as a nonprofit health care system is to serve patients in our communities and the new Marcus Tower will incorporate the latest technology and larger patient rooms to provide for enhanced care, among other numerous benefits,” Brown said.

“Opening the tower early will help to meet the needs of our communities — and all Georgians ‚ and provide the highest quality of care possible.”

The governor’s office said the state will use existing medical staffing contracts to provide the medical personnel necessary to staff the facility, which should be fully operational within the next week.

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