The Loganville City Council adopted a $12,592,498 general fund budget for fiscal year 2022 during a regular meeting Thursday. The budget is a decrease of $439,860 over last fiscal year’s $13,032,358 budget.

City manager Danny Roberts presented the scaled-down budget during a public hearing last Monday, and again at a second public hearing Thursday. The city’s fiscal year is from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022.

“I can control spending; I cannot control what I collect,” Roberts said at the work session. A majority of general fund revenues come from property taxes, he said.

The city manager told council members Thursday the budget was drafted with a projected millage rate of 11.85, the current mill rate. The mill rate was rolled back last year, and should not change this year, he said. Loganville should receive the tax digest from Gwinnett and Walton counties in July, according to Roberts.

Roberts said funds for equipment and vehicle replacement, street paving, and repair and maintenance of buildings were added to the budget. The city cut some funds for engineering fees, some equipment and site improvements, he said.

Roberts said the city was denied Community Development Block Grant funding for 2020. CDBG funds typically are used for infrastructure upgrades, such as water and sewer.

However, Roberts said he anticipates the city will receive $4.8 million in American Rescue Plan funds. The amount will be awarded in two payments of $2.4 million, with the first likely coming in August, he said.

“Infrastructure is a big, eligible expense,” Roberts said. He recommended the rescue plan funds be used to expand water and sewer.

Another new expense in this year’s budget is the $13,150 to pay for the municipal election in November. The mayor’s position and three City Council seats are up for election.

Roberts said police and fire protection make up about 48% of the budget’s expenditures. The police budget is set at $3,131,936, an increase of $3,618 over last fiscal year. The budget for fire is set at just under $3 million.

Roberts said the enterprise fund for 2022 is at $9.3 million. Enterprise fund revenue comes from water and sewer sales and tap fees. Solid waste revenues went up by $68,000 over last year, according to Roberts. He said hotel/motel tax revenues also rose by $10,000 over last year to $70,000 for 2022.

The city would receive $3 million in SPLOST funds from Gwinnett County to be used to improve Destination Park, such as adding public restrooms.

Loganville will receive $5.8 million in SPLOST funding from Walton County that can also be used for park upgrades, like ensuring ADA compliance. These funds come from the 2019-24 cycle.

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