A pair of tennis shoes, an imagination and a computer is all you need to get moving to a healthier you. Whether you walk, garden, dance or swim, Walton County citizens can once again register to participate in the 12-week Walk Georgia program sponsored by the University of Georgia.

The program is geared to increase physical activity in a fun, interactive, community-oriented way. Participants can take part as individuals or in a four person team.

“Walk Georgia is a virtual walk across Georgia done through minutes,” Walton County Nutrition Program Assistant Molly Kimler said. “Those minutes are converted to miles. Every 15 miles is a walk through a county and you learn about that county virtually.”

A participant registers at www.walkgeorgia.org and uses the site to track minutes, which unlock counties and get the individual or team moving across the state. An online map charts the virtual course across Georgia offering facts about the state’s 159 counties.

Kimler said last year there were 181 participants and together Walton County logged in enough miles to walk around the world. The county has also been third in the state for the number of participants every year.

“I’d like to walk around the world twice this year,” she said. “The goal we want is a healthier Walton County.”

There is no age limit for the program and Kimler said it’s a great idea to get the family involved.

There will be incentives brought to those who to participate with prizes given away at the end of the program to the top teams.

Kimler herself has participated in the program each year.

“It’s really a lot of fun,” she said. “It makes you get out there and want to do better and I have felt a lot better after doing it. When the program ends I keep going and that is the goal to get people to continue it.”

For more information about Walk Georgia call Kimler at 770-267-1324.

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