A man whom prosecutors said served as an enforcer for a violent street gang was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison this week.

The Gangster Disciples started in Chicago spread across the nation and into Newton County since the 1970s.

A joint investigation by federal, state and local agencies in north Georgia led to numerous convictions in recent years. The last sentencing came this week as Lewis Mobley of Atlanta got a 40-year prison term.

Mobley was described as an “enforcer” in the gang after a jury found him guilty of conspiracy under the federal racketeering laws, attempted murder in the aid of racketeering and using a firearm during that attempted murder.

In all, 38 defendants were sentenced since a federal grand jury handed down indictments in 2016, including leaders from eight states.

One of them, 31-year-old Charles Wingate of Conyers, was said to be a local leader for the Gangster Disciples in Covington. He was accused of selling drugs with the gang and sentenced to six years, nine months, in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Another person sentenced was 29-year-old Vancito Gumbs of Stone Mountain. Gumbs was a member of the Gangster Disciples while at the same time serving as a member of the DeKalb County Police Department.

Prosecutors said Gumbs provided sensitive information to the gang and claimed to be a hitman. He got a 15-year prison sentence after being found guilty of RICO conspiracy.

“For decades, the Gangster Disciples have destroyed communities all across the United States. The gang’s criminal activity in Atlanta included the killing of innocent people, brazen shootings and prolific drug-trafficking,” acting U.S. Attorney Kurt R. Erskine said.

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