Akin Sworn In

Charles M. 'Charlie' Akin, left, is sworn into the Social Circle City Council on June 19, 2020, with Mayor David Keener reading the oath.

SOCIAL CIRCLE — Monday is the deadline for people interested in serving on the Social Circle City Council to ask for the appointment.

The council must fill the District 3 vacancy created when Charlie Akin resigned earlier this month due to family health issues. As there is less than one year remaining in the term, the council will choose Akin’s successor rather than having to go through the expense of a special election.

That’s what happened last year when Akin won the seat filled when David Keener resigned to launch his successful bid for mayor in 2019.

Akin had 120 votes in the special election to 76 for Jeb Butcher.

Prospective candidates must live in District 3 and have been a resident for the past 12 months. A candidate for the position also must not have been convicted of primary or election law violations, malfeasance in office or felony, unless 10 years have passed since the completion of the sentence and civil rights have been restored.

District 3 lies roughly east of North Cherokee Road and north of West Hightower Trail but is hemmed in on the north by District 1, now represented by Councilwoman Traysa Price. It includes the neighborhoods of Windsong, Corby Creek, North Forest Road, Heritage Park, Town Park, Carver Drive and The Meadows.

The city is asking for letters of interest in the appointment. They should be sent to City Clerk Susan Roper, in the drop box or drive-thru at City Hall or by mail, or email to sroper@socialcirclega.gov.

However, the council’s choice is not limited to those who submit letters, the City Charter states.

Letters are requested by 5 p.m. Monday.

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