MONROE, Ga. — The man who killed two people who thought he was trying to buy their dirt bike will learn his sentence Thursday.

Senior Judge Samuel D. Ozburn has set a sentence hearing for 9:30 a.m. Thursday in Walton County Superior Court.

Kinterie Kiatis Durden, now 20, was convicted last fall of malice murder and felony murder in the 2017 deaths of Davoddren “Smack” Harris and Cortez White Sr.

Ozburn heard from Durden and his attorney, and from family members of Harris and White during a hearing on May 28.

Durden was 16 when he lured Harris and White to Social Circle from Meriwether County in a transaction arranged online. He robbed them of the bike and shot them. Their bodies were found in a Toyota pickup truck on Clegg Farm Road.

“Clearly Cortez and Davoddren meant absolutely nothing to you as you heartlessly took their lives as you took a measly $1,650 dirt bike that you couldn’t even enjoy,” Teresa Moss, an aunt of White, said.

Defense attorney Dwight L. Thomas of Atlanta asked Ozburn to consider the minimum sentence, life sentences, running concurrently, with the chance of parole.

Layla Zon, then the district attorney, argued Durden had a criminal past of theft from his relatives and abuse of his sister. Zon asked for two concurrent sentences of life without parole, and concurrent life sentences for armed robbery.

State law mandates a five-year prison term for conviction of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, but Zon said she’d accept those running concurrently.

Zon was sworn in as a Superior Court judge on June 2.

Durden remains in the Walton County Jail.

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