MONROE, Ga. — A Walton County fire station was closed for decontamination after a firefighter tested positive for COVID-19.

Fire Chief Kevin Haney closed Station 3 in Walnut Grove on Thursday, and the county announced the closure Friday morning.

In a news release Friday, the county government said all firefighters and emergency medical service personnel who were on duty during the shift that the affected employee worked have been placed on a 14-day quarantine.

Assistant Chief Craig League later said the station was closed from about 8 a.m. to noon Thursday and has reopened, with personnel under quarantine being covered by other firefighters.

The firefighter has not been named. Although the county originally said he is a part-time employee, he actually works two full-time firefighting jobs: one for Walton County and another in another metro Atlanta department.

Haney said the building, trucks and other equipment associated with Station 3 were cleaned properly during the closure.

“We are using universal precautions for all patients we come in contact with,” League said. “This includes mask, gloves, goggles and gowns.”

He said the department does not believe residents would have been exposed to COVID-19 by the employee who tested positive for the illness.

Eighty-three Walton County residents had been diagnosed with COVID-19 as of noon Friday with three deaths. Across the state, 892 deaths have been reported.

This is a developing story that is being updated.


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