WALNUT GROVE, Ga. — Maxine McClanahan said she feels “called” to be a voice for citizens who haven’t been heard.

McClanahan, 68, has qualified to take part in the March 24 special election for an open seat on the Walnut Grove City Council. Early voting begins March 2.

“There are people that have much to say and need an advocate,” McClanahan said.

“I feel a passion for helping my city have viable and desired growth. Having been an integral part of Walnut Grove since 2006, I am aware of so many things that must be done in order to successfully and legally run and build a healthy community.”

McClanahan said she thinks “long-term knowledge of our city and experience are missing” in the new city administration, which turned over almost completely last month with new Mayor Mark Moore and two new councilmembers, Stephanie Moncrief and Jo Wilchek, taking office.

Longtime City Clerk Kathy Glass also retired.

“I believe that my connections, background education and experience will bring needed balance to council, giving a different perspective and a different kind of voice,” McClanahan said.

McClanahan has an associate degree in 2004 and Bachelor of Arts in 2005, and she has experience in accounting, audiology and the law.

“I believe I have the right mindset to promote transparency and accountability in a way that will bring trust and cohesiveness,” she said. “I have been a voice in this community for many years, often being the only citizen at council meetings and public hearings.

“I believe I have a valid voice in this community and it will be more effective if it can be brought to the council instead of simply addressing council as a citizen.”

McClanahan said her only goal as a councilwoman is to “dig in and get the full scope of what is real, to find the needs and desires of the people in order to bring comfortable growth and community involvement where no one feels left out.”

During her years in Walnut Grove, McClanahan built the Friends of the Library 501(c)(3) and has been a volunteer at the Walton County BBQ Festival and Loganville Wing Fling. She also served as the media specialist and webmaster for the city.

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