Walnut Grove seniors participate in 2018 graduation ceremonies. The Class of 2018 set a record in the Walton County School District for the system’s best graduation rate. Loganville and Monroe Area set records while Walnut Grove maintained its rate from 2017.

Graduation rates are up in Walton County, while Social Circle maintains the highest numbers in the area despite a small drop, as the state released the numbers for local schools’ graduation statistics.

With a one-year 4.5 percentage increase, the Walton County School District achieved its highest-ever graduation rate of 87.7 percent in 2018. In addition to the district’s overall accomplishment, Loganville High School became the first WCSD high school to reach the 90 percent mark, Monroe Area High School achieved a rate over 80 percent for the first time in school history and Walnut Grove High School maintained a high rate of more than 86 percent.

Loganville’s exact rate was 91.9 percent, an increase of 4.7 percentage points, while Monroe Area’s rate rose 6.5 percentage points to 82.6 percent. Walnut Grove saw no change in its 86.2 percent rate.

Social Circle High School, however, dropped slightly, despite earning the highest graduation rate in Walton County. The city school system registered a rate of 93.88 percent for the year, a drop from the previous year’s stratospheric 97.1 percentage rate.

The state has not yet released the statewide graduation rate for the previous year.

“I congratulate our graduates and our staff on this outstanding accomplishment,” WCSD Superintendent Nathan Franklin said. “These results are a direct reflection of the dedication and hard work of our students, teachers, parents and staff. I am proud to see that our schools are continually helping more students achieve high levels of excellence and fulfill our vision to ‘produce graduates who are prepared to contribute to the global society and economy.’”

The 2018 increase for WCSD is the largest increase the district has seen since 2013. Additionally, in 2018, all subgroups (eight of eight) made progress over last year’s subgroup rates and seven subgroups met their 2018 State improvement targets.

Over the past several years, the school district has implemented several programs to assist students academically including credit recovery, fall and spring intercessions, summer school and career development. Walton County is devoted to preparing its students for both college and career opportunities.

Despite the small drop, SCCS officials said the district remains committed to improving its graduation rate each year.

“We are very proud of the graduating class of 2018,” Assistant Superintendent Carrie Booher said. “Our parents, community and all of our school employees have supported these students and their hard work. In the Social Circle City Schools, we emphasize the importance of having a plan for your life after high school. We will only award diplomas to students who have met the state requirements for graduation and have a concrete plan for career, college, or in the military.

“We look forward to all of the wonderful ways that they will continue to make great contributions in our community and the world.”

News Editor

Stephen Milligan is the news editor of The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

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