OXFORD, Ga. — A woman is being held without bond in the county jail after her arrest on drug trafficking charges.

Ladaije Avion Shalexus Harvey, 21, of Augusta, was arrested Monday on charges of trafficking in illegal drugs, theft by receiving stolen property and driving with a suspended license.

A deputy on patrol just north of Walnut Grove got a hit on a license plate reader to a stolen maroon Nissan Altima headed south on Georgia 81. The deputy followed it through town and conducted a stop near Cannon Farm Road.

The driver, Harvey, said she had been driving the car for a while and had rented it from a service which allows Uber and Lyft drivers to rent vehicles to drive, but wasn’t able to tell the deputy the name of the owner.

The passenger, in the back seat, was wearing a QuikTrip uniform and had used Lyft to get a ride to work. Harvey allegedly used someone else’s account to pick up a fare, and the male passenger was unaware of her alleged illegal activity.

A check of Harvey’s background showed a suspended license and a warrant out of Richmond County.

While Harvey was detained in a deputy’s car, a search of the Altima revealed numerous ATM and credit cards, several other people’s drivers licenses and several wigs.

Two round objects in the glove box were wrapped in black electrical tape which concealed nearly 300 colored round pills the deputy believed to be ecstasy.

She was booked into the Walton County Detention Center at 6:20 p.m. Monday and remained there Friday.

The car was impounded and a deputy drove the passenger on to work.

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