The pandemic has delayed a public hearing on a large development that’s been in the works in Social Circle for nearly two decades.

Warbler Investments LLC is preparing to start the second phase of Social Circle Jubilee, a “planned unit development” first approved by the city in 2002.

As first approved, the development would have 230 single-family homes, 200 multifamily homes, 30 townhomes, 25,000 square feet of commercial space and 25,000 square feet of office space on nearly 79 acres.

Phase one, featuring 88 single-family lots, was developed off Alcova Drive.

But the City Council in April 2019 imposed a moratorium, claiming the development never went to plan.

Although 260 homes were in the original plans, only about 40 were built.

While the project was expected to be completed by 2009, the Great Recession halted much of it.

OneStreet Residential, a housing company, submitted plans a decade later to develop the incomplete portions of the development with 50 single-family homes, 20 townhomes and 33 duplexes aimed at seniors. However, the company eventually withdrew its plans — the second time the company backed out of development of the Jubilee.

Then-Mayor Hal Dally said Warbler’s plans to sell off some of the property, and the concerns of some council members about the small lot sizes in some parts of the neighborhood, drew the ire of the council.

The city planned to have a public hearing on the project but has delayed it due to the anticipated number of attendees, which likely would exceed the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s been pushed back to May 25.

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