David M. Curry, who recently stepped down as the state revenue commissioner, announced Tuesday he is running for Congress.

An Atlanta native, Curry joins a growing field to succeed Rep. Jody Hice, a Greensboro Republican, as the 10th District representative in Congress.

Hice, a former Bold Springs resident, has served in Congress since 2015 but is giving up the seat to run for secretary of state next year against incumbent Republican Brad Raffensperger.

In launching his campaign, Curry said he wants to get the nation — and some parts of Georgia — back to traditional values.

“People speak fondly of socialism and communism, they denigrate our institutions, our flag and turn their backs on God,” he said. “We treat criminals better than our police”

“Big corporations have the power to regulate our lives.  And we reward — even encourage — people to be on the public dole rather than honoring and rewarding ingenuity, risk, and a hard day’s work. 

“These values aren’t us.”

Curry has a bachelor’s in applied science with an emphasis in organizational leadership from Mercer University and a master’s in business administration from Georgia State University. He began his career at age 18 at Ford Motor Co. and was elected the tax commissioner of Henry County in 2008. He is a member of the Henry County Rotary Club and the Heritage Bank board, and has served as the chairman of the Atlanta Motor Speedway Children’s Charities. Gov. Brian Kemp appointed Curry revenue commissioner for the state in 2019.

Also in the GOP field are state Rep. Timothy Barr, former U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, Monroe businessman Marc McMain and Matt Richards.

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