Crash Scene

Traffic navigates the intersection of Walnut Grove Road (state Route 138) and Eastview Road Northeast on Monday afternoon, Aug. 31, 2020, in Conyers, Ga. A Walton County sheriff’s deputy in pursuit of a motorcycle collided with a pickup truck at the intersection Saturday night, causing injuries to the driver, a man from Conyers.

CONYERS, Ga. — A man sustained serious injuries when he was hit by a Walton County sheriff’s deputy who ran a red light while chasing a fleeing motorcycle.

Relatives said Shane Douglas Hudson of Conyers had several broken bones and was recovering from his injuries at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta after the crash Saturday night.

It happened at about 8:55 p.m. at Walnut Grove Road (state Route 138) and Eastview Road Northeast.

State troopers said 30-year-old Matthew Ryan Hensley of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office was driving west on Highway 138 in pursuit of a motorcycle.

“He got behind a motorcycle that wasn’t registered, attempted to stop the motorcycle in Walnut Grove and it took off and he gave chase,” Sheriff Joe Chapman said Monday.

“It got into Conyers there on 138 and had an accident with a vehicle that wasn’t involved in the chase. The accident scene was turned over to GSP (Georgia State Patrol).”

Shane Douglas Hudson, 33, of Conyers, was in a 1998 Ford pickup truck turning left onto Highway 138 under a green light when Hensley approached in his patrol car, a 2018 Dodge Charger.

Hensley told the investigating trooper he didn’t see the light was red until he was nearly at the intersection and tried to stop. However, his Charger collided with the truck.

The motorcycle sped through the intersection and barely missed Hudson, a witness said.

No citations were issued, but Hudson was taken by ambulance to Grady Memorial Hospital. He was expected to have surgery Tuesday.

Fellow deputies took Hensley to Piedmont Walton Hospital with minor injuries.

Troopers are investigating the collision.

“We’re reviewing the accident before we put him (Hensley) back 100 percent,” Chapman said. “We’ve got to see if he was within our policy, if he did what he was supposed to do, as we do with every accident.”

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