Cold cases

Walton County Sheriff’s Office investigator Micheal Rising on his computer while a white board displays information on the 13 cold cases he is investigating.

The Cold Case Profile for the Walton County Sheriff's Office for June, 2022, is the disappearance, and presumed homicide, of Walton County resident Howard Brown.

At the time of his disappearance, Brown was employed with the City of Monroe. On Aug. 7, 1986, a co-worker of Brown's arrived at Brown's residence to pick him up for work. When the coworker arrived at Brown's residence, he noticed Brown's front door was open and Brown was nowhere to be found.

Upon entering the residence, the co-worker observed a half a can of beer, a partial pack of cigarettes and Brown's lighter sitting on an end table next to Brown's favorite recliner. Brown was known to be a heavy drinker, and was prone to binge drinking and then disappearing for several days at a time. Several weeks after Brown went missing, the City of Monroe Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation initiated an investigation to determine Brown's whereabouts and welfare.

Several investigative theories were developed regarding Brown's disappearance , all of which proved to be negative. After several months of investigation, the case went "cold.”

This case is currently being investigated by the Walton County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Unit. Anyone with knowledge of Brown's disappearance should contactWalton County Sheriff's Cold Case Investigator Michael Rising at 770-266-1558 and leave a message or email

All contacts will be kept confidential.

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