Logan Propes

Logan Propes 

The city of Monroe continues to juggle numerous projects and is making headway on several.

The city announced via its official Facebook page that the Cy Nunnally Memorial Airport re-opened last week after completing most of a runway rehabilitation project.

“We accomplished something that we thought would be many more years out and were able to get a huge amount of funding leverage from the state, something we are very appreciate of,” City Administrator Logan Propes said.  

Assistant City Administrator Chris Bailey, who oversees the airport, said good weather and cooperation with contractors translated into a smooth process.

“It’ll be a 28-day cure time for the asphalt, then we’ll do some further testing and final striping of the runway,” Bailey explained. “We were fortunate enough to receive 95% grant funding for the $888,888 cost to pave and stripe the runway, so the city was only responsible for $44,444 of the total cost.”

In addition to the airport, the city is making road and park improvements.

Residents may be slightly inconvenienced and should expect delays and road closures when the city begins its milling and paving of South Madison Avenue sometime this week or next. The start for this project will depend on contractor availability, according to Propes.

“This is CDBG (Community Development Block Grant)-funded since we had to basically destroy the road to rehabilitate the well-aged sewer system,” Propes said.

“The paving funding was in the grant and of course the city matches it.  The project scope for milling and paving South Madison is from East Spring Street all the way to Highway 11. 

“This project also contains LMIG (Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant) project funding. So essentially we pooled resources to accomplish a larger paving project than we would normally do each year.”

The city has also begun paving the parking lot beside City Hall at the corner of North Broad Street and West Highland Avenue.

Monroe recently made some landscaping improvements to its north corridor using Roadside Enhancement and Beautification Council grant funding. The fees outdoor advertising companies pay the Georgia Department of Transportation to remove vegetation at billboards fund REBC grants along state roads.

The city of Monroe received $31,000 last year to fund the portion of the project along Highway 11 north of the city at the Charlotte Rowell Boulevard intersection, according to Propes.

The city plans to complete its rebranding initiative prior to Monroe’s Bicentennial in November, the city administrator said. Once that is completed, new signage with the city’s new logo can be installed.

“We are not sure on signage cost yet as design is to be determined,” he emphasized.  According to the city’s Facebook page, the new gateway signage to be placed at the north corridor will welcome people to Monroe.

Residents may also notice bright yellow shade screens have been installed at Pilot Park over seating areas on a lower section of the playground.

Bailey said a portion of SPLOST 2019 funds were designated to help rebuild and revitalize the city’s parks.

Propes said the new shades are “relatively maintenance free” and should last for several years before the tops need to be replaced.

“So far most people have been respectful of the park improvements and we hope every citizen finds these improvements to be worthy of keeping in good order themselves as well,” he said.   

The city also plans to improve drainage areas at the park and add a restroom later this year once more revenues from SPLOST come in. The total cost of improvements the city has made to Pilot Park are about $303,649, according to an agenda packet the city posted online prior to its work session Tuesday.

The staff memo noted two speed bumps were installed on High School Avenue to slow traffic at the entrance to the park and promised to monitor the traffic-calming device over time for “effectiveness and safety.”

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