Mark Banks

Commissioner Mark Banks, a Republican from Loganville, listens during the Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday night, Sept. 7, 2021, in Monroe, Ga.

The Walton County Board of Commissioners followed recommendations made by the Planning Commission last month and approved two rezone requests and denied another during a regular meeting Tuesday.

The commission denied a request from applicant Godlove Fomuteh to rezone 2 acres he owns at 873 Adamson Drive from light industrial (I1) to heavy industrial (M2) for a salvage operation yard.

The requirement for M2 zoning requires the property be a minimum of 5 acres. Fomuteh, who owns Goma Discount Tires, told commissioners he planned to work on only a few cars at a time should the property be rezoned.

The commission did approve with conditions a rezone request from applicant Francisco Gomez to rezone 6.73 acres off Highway 20 from rural residential (A1) to heavy industrial (M2). Gomez plans to produce wooden floor trusses. The area’s current character is considered highway corridor.

The Planning Commission advised approval, on the condition that the property is specifically used for manufacturing floor trusses and that the new zoning is only for Gomez’s company operations. Should the business close then the rezone would revert back to rural residential. In addition, the company must keep to daytime operating hours.

Several residents who live close to the property spoke against the rezoning, saying they were concerned about increased noise levels and heavy truck traffic.

“If y’all approve this, please keep the hourly restraints,” said neighbor Trent Pittman.

Commissioner Mark Banks motioned to approve the rezone, on the condition the manufacturer operate between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and that the use of the property follows the current property owner.

The commission also approved a rezone request from William Moyers III of Monroe and Mark Faricloth of Loganville for a small-scale solar farm with an office. The business owners asked to rezone 17.35 acres off Highway 81 from A1 (rural residential) to A (agricultural).

Moyers said his company is an energy efficient consulting firm, and would ensure it maintains the area’s aesthetics.

Commissioner Jeremy Adams motioned to accept the rezone request on the condition the owners erect an 8-foot fence around the solar panels, the office building match the area’s residential appearance and a wooded buffer is kept along Highway 81 to shield the solar farm from onlookers.

Moyers said they could do more and have professional landscaping done for a barrier.

In other county business, the commission approved an annexation request from the city of Loganville to annex 2.379 acres on 4430 Tuck Road. CAR Industries of Georgia II LLC operate on the property, which is owned by Reeser Holdings of Georgia LLC.

The Loganville City Council planned to consider the annexation request at the council’s meeting on Thursday.

Commissioners also approved accepting a right of way of 0.886 acres on Horseshoe Road.

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