Kevin Little

Kevin W. Little presides over the Walton County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday night, Dec. 1, 2020, in Monroe, Ga. It was the last scheduled meeting of Little’s fifth and final term as chairman.

MONROE, Ga. — Outgoing Board of Commissioners Chairman Kevin Little said he hopes to continue living in Walton County, even though his home will be razed to make way for a new highway.

The state Route 81 Connector, commonly called the Monroe bypass, or the truck route that’s expected to go under construction in the next few years, will come through the area of his home and family property in the 1200 block of Good Hope Road, just east of Monroe.

The home is targeted for purchase by the state, as it sits near the area targeted for the new road to intersect with state Route 83 at the current intersection of Unisia Drive and Good Hope Road.

Little told Chamber of Commerce members last week his father and grandfather bought the property in 1946. County tax records show the home was built in 1920 and sits on 1 acre of land.

It’s surrounded by a 131-acre property owned by relatives and used for farming.

“We’ve lived in that place forever and ever, and I was part of the design for the original Monroe bypass in 1983,” he said. “I followed that thing all the way until we turned it over to the city of Monroe in 2006, and then Carl Hofstadter and Associates carried it all the way through.

“I had no idea, no idea that I would lose my house. Anybody that tells you one reason I was leaving is because I knew that I was going to get a big payday straight from Georgia DOT (Department of Transportation): You heard it straight from me. I did not know.

“If you would have been out here at the Government Building in February when they first had the public meeting, we were flipping through there and there was an ‘X’ right there and I asked the DOT guy, ‘Why is there an “X” right there?’

“He said, ‘Because that house is going to be deleted.’

“I said, ‘That’s my house.’ And he said, ‘It’s got to go.’ My brothers were with me and they said I went ghostly white. So let’s squash that rumor now. I had no idea until February of 2020 that I was going to lose my house.”

Little said the property will have to be cleared because it sits on a hill above a slight curve in the road just beyond Carver Middle School.

“They’re not going to build a road system and not be able to be at grade all the way around where they can see,” he said. “That’s the reason my house will be deleted, but I still hope to live in Walton County.”

Little’s last day in office is Dec. 31, but the next day he becomes interim manager of the Barrow County government.

A reception to honor Little will be from 4-6 p.m. Thursday at the Historic Walton County Courthouse.

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