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Mayor John Howard cuts the ribbon on Walton Press’ new printing and cutting equipment as staff and dignitaries look on. 

For more than 100 years, the Walton Press has served the printing needs of Walton County, taking on a variety of jobs printing newspapers, magazines, signs, banners and much more since it first opened its doors in 1900.

Now, 121 years later, the Press has no intention of slowing down in that mission, employing more than 100 people in the community. And thanks to its latest acquisitions, the Press expects to print even more to the benefit of Walton County and clients far beyond the county lines.

On Wednesday, Walton Press invited dignitaries from across Monroe to come see its newest equipment: a wide-format printer and a new cutting machine which, together, will expand the scope of what the business can print exponentially beyond what it once did.

“The equipment we have here is state of the art,” Stuart Christian, president of Walton Press Inc. “Walton Press is the only company in the state of Georgia to have this latest technology.”

The wide-format printer can print far larger jobs than the press’ previous machines could, but also print on a variety of materials: not only paper jobs, but on wood, acryllics and a multitude of other substances. Future jobs could print directly to ceiling tiles, floor panels, doors, tabletops and a number of other surfaces.

“We can print to nearly any material you could want to print on,” Christian said.

Mayor John Howard of Monroe was among the guests at Walton Press’ grand unveiling and ribbon cutting for the new addition to the business, taking the scissors in hand to cut the ribbon himself.

“We see the face of Monroe improving continuously,” Howard said. “We’re excited to see Walton Press growing and what it will continue to do here in the community.”

Following the ribbon cutting, Walton Press demonstrated the machine’s capabilities, importing the just-taken picture of the ceremony to the machine, printing a sheet of three dozen copies onto a piece of heavy cardstock and then using its new cutting machine to simultaneously cut away each individual copy to distribute to each invited guest.

Christian said with the new capabilities of the machines, the sky was the limit in what they could do moving forward.

“Walton Press is so much more than a web printer,” Christian said. “Historically, we were a newspaper printer, but we now print digitally, magazines, newspapers and more. We aim to be the best full-service printer and these machines will aid us to do just that.”

News Editor

Stephen Milligan is the news editor of The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

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