The Loganville City Council held a called meeting Thursday to take action on two time sensitive items.

City Manager Danny Roberts informed council members that the chain hotel Best Western had paid the city $27,335 in plan review fees prior to the pandemic. He asked the council for guidance on whether the city should waive the hotel’s repayment of plan review fees.

The Tribune reported in 2019 that Best Western Plus announced it intended to build on 3.3 acres behind the Starbucks on Logan Drive.

Planning and Development Director Tim Prater explained the Best Western had paid its plan review fees and the plan was approved in November 2019.

“And then COVID hit and the banks quit lending out the money,” Prater said. “So the plan reviews have expired. And it says in our code that development and building expire after six months. They (Best Western) reached out to me because the bank loaned them money again. They’re ready to build and they asked if they’re going to have to repay their plan review fees.”

The hotel declared it would not change its plan, but must resubmit it to the city, Prater said. Best Western has yet to pay building permit fees, he said.

“They were never issued (building) permits,” Prater said.

The council voted to waive the hotel’s repayment of plan review fees on condition the plan did not change.

Council members also approved entering a contract with Troy Porterfield to extend the U.S. 78/Trident Trail water line by about 2,700 feet. The contract would cost $128,481 plus 20% contingency.

“Part of that agreement was if they run the waterline from the Trident Trail connection up to his property line, that they will pay for the labor and we pay for the material,” Roberts said. “This is to extend our 12-inch line further up toward the water tower.”

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