Residents who participated in a Citizens Advisory Group survey spelled out what they want to see in downtown Loganville: greenspace, a “walkable” community and revitalization of the downtown center. They also made clear what they don’t want more of: continued traffic jams and multi-family apartment rentals.

Loganville City Council Member Anne Huntsinger, who chairs the city’s Finance and Economic Development Committee, summarized the survey’s results during the April 8 City Council meeting.

The advisory group sent the survey out to 10,273 registered voters and to 5,687 utility customers through utility bills. This was a way to reach both Loganville residents and business owners, Huntsinger told the Tribune in March.

Of the 15,960 potential survey participants, the survey tallied a total of 944 responses, Huntsinger reported.

“The total number of people who voted in the last local city election (in 2019) was 751,” she said.

Huntsinger added that the number of citizen comments, 365, was so great that the comments warranted a separate online page.

Eighty-three percent of respondents want to see something done with downtown and 72% want a downtown with a “small town feel,” the councilwoman said.

“Seventy-five percent don’t want multi-family apartment rentals,” Huntsinger continued. “Eighty-three percent agree that 500 multi-family units are too many; 33% would support less than 300 multi-family apartments and 50% would support less than 300 owner-occupied condominiums.”

Seventy-eight percent of those surveyed favor commercial development, she said. Sixty-one percent of respondents would be okay with selling city-owned property for development, but 66% preferred having development funded by personal enterprise and not by taxpayers.

“Ninety-six percent said traffic is a real concern,” Huntsinger said. “Ninety percent want a park and walk concept downtown.”

More than half of the respondents were open to allocating tax money to revitalize City Hall, but 60% responded they would support the sale of the City Hall complex if the sale made a profit for Loganville.

Huntsinger commented that Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez and the City Council would review the survey’s results and citizens’ comments and that the economic development committee would meet prior to the council meeting in May to discuss the survey and consider how the city should proceed.

Paul Smith, Citizens Advisory Group chair, told the Tribune last month that a third party vendor, Qualtrics, was hired to tabulate the survey’s results and send the data to the City Council for review. This was to ensure that the online survey was kept independent of the city and the advisory group, Smith said.

A link to the survey can be found on the city’s official website at

A link to the comments page can be found within the survey’s summary page.

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