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Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel is a former journalist whose attempt to disprove Christianity led him to believe in it wholeheartedly.

If you are looking for something really good to read or watch during this most sacred of Christian celebrations, I’ve got just the ticket.

It’s the story of a non-believer who decided he was going to prove once and for all why Christians have it all wrong.

Despite those extensive efforts, he instead proved Christians have it all right.

And he was converted as a result.

Lee Strobel was an award-winning journalist and an avowed atheist.

His wife shared his non-belief in a higher power, well, until she didn’t.

When she became a Christian it created a real problem for Strobel. He had to figure out a way to save her from being saved before she was fully indoctrinated into the cult.

Ah, he thought, I’ve got it.

The resurrection of Jesus is clearly the linchpin of Christianity. Anyone can claim to be the son of God, but to back it up by dying and then rising from the dead three days later, well, that’s pretty compelling evidence you might be telling the truth.

Prove that never happened, Strobel thought, and Christianity tumbles down like a house of cards.

In his book “The Case for Easter,” Strobel documents his efforts to disprove the resurrection story. The book was made into a major motion picture, “The Case for Christ,” in 2017.

From the death of Jesus to the empty tomb to claims Jesus was seen after his death and resurrection, Strobel goes to leading experts and conducts extensive research to try and show the resurrection was the biggest hoax ever played on mankind.

A funny thing happened along the way, though. The more Strobel dug into the resurrection story, the more research he did and the more evidence he uncovered, the more he found the facts were checking out in favor of the resurrection of Jesus — not against it.

And in the end, Strobel, the self-avowed atheist, became a devout believer, going so far as to question how anyone could come to any other conclusion if they objectively and rationally looked at the evidence.

“As soon as I reached that monumental verdict, the implications were obvious,” Strobel wrote. “If Jesus overcame the grave, he’s still alive and available for me to personally encounter. If Jesus conquered death, he can open the door of eternal life for me too. If he has divine power, he has the supernatural ability to guide and transform me as I follow him.

“As my Creator who has my best interests at heart, he rightfully deserves my allegiance and worship.”

That’s good stuff right there, folks.

You can learn more about what Strobel was specifically able to uncover concerning the linchpin of Christianity by reading one of his titles or by checking out the movie.

Both are well done, and will teach you something you didn’t already know about the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Happy Easter, everybody.

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