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Trump Arrives

President Donald Trump arrives for a rally at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport on Oct. 16, 2020, in Macon, Ga.

As I write this column Friday morning, vote counts now have Biden ahead by narrow margins in all of the remaining battleground states except one, and it ain’t Georgia.

That’s right. Georgia right now is shaded slightly blue on the election map going into the final vote count.

If you had told me before the election there was a chance the Peach State would have gone for Biden, considering the kind of ground game President Donald Trump has had here in Georgia, and with a Republican governor and secretary of state to keep an eye on the vote, I would have told you you were crazy.

Not looking so crazy now, though, unfortunately.

And if it happens, a majority of the country would have done the same.

I’ve struggled to come up with a way to explain this. Honestly, I can only come up with two possibilities, although I’m sure others more policially astute than I could come up with more.

The first is pretty straightforward: There are more people who voted for Biden/against Trump than for the president, giving Biden the win. I know the optics of the two candidates’ rallies make this difficult to believe, but even the most ardent supporter of the president has to leave room for the possibility.

The second is more nefarious and what many if not all of the president’s supporters believe: The new mail-in ballot system put in place for this election provided enough opportunity for voter fraud by Democrats to change the real outcome of the election in Georgia and other key states, stealing the election from Trump.

Harvesting ballots is nothing new for Democrats, whether they want to admit it or not, and the new system put in place could have enabled it to happen on an unprecedented scale.

This is certainly what the president and his attorneys will try to prove in the coming days, weeks, maybe even months.

While I struggled about what to say about the election, one person who didn’t is state Rep. Bruce Williamson of Monroe, who won re-election in Walton County on Tuesday by a landslide.

Let me share with you what Bruce put out on social media Friday to address the many questions he had been receiving about the election and vote count.

“Friends... lots of you have contacted me. This is what I am telling folks when we speak: I am concerned by how this election has been handled at every level. I have calls in to the Governor’s office as well as the Secretary of State’s office. As of now, all I know is that the Governor’s attorneys, the Georgia GOP attorneys, and the Trump administration attorneys, are fully engaged.

“As for the allegations of fraud, our attorneys will need to prove the fraud and convince a judge. I am confident that several races will go through the recount process. I am urging Governor Kemp to speak up, inform Georgians and lead us through this process.

“The Secretary of State’s office better get this one right. Every legal vote must count, but only legal votes! If we get beat legally, then shame on us, but it is imperative that we keep the integrity of the American political system intact. Illegal votes need to be ferreted out and discarded.

“P.S. We need to start working NOW to turn out the vote for our two U.S. Senators in the January runoff.”

What he said. All of it.

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