Anne Huntsinger, in four years in office, has been a reasoned voice for the people.

She’s been approachable and never shy about explaining her position on the issues — like them or not.

Even during the tumultuous debate over whether or how to develop downtown, she was out front to explain what she thought was the best course of action.

For that, she has been pilloried.

Facebook groups — yes, now there are at least two — have worked to stymie anything that might resemble progress in Loganville. It would be comical if not for the potential real world consequences of discouraging qualified people from seeking office. Instead, we run the risk of turning the town over to the NIMBYs — people who want anything so long as it’s Not In My Backyard.

Huntsinger is an obvious choice for reelection. Agree with her or not, she is what a public servant should be: responsive and well-versed on the issues.

We have been impressed with Gwinnett County sheriff’s Deputy James Wilson too. A first-time candidate, he seems to offer a good background with his law enforcement service and nonprofit work.

Beyond that, the choices become tougher. Melanie Long and Terry Parsons are the Facebook group candidates while Shenia Rivers-Devine and Rosa Steele have been put up by the Gwinnett Democrats — nothing wrong with that, per se, but they seem to be lacking in the heavy work to know the city.

Small-business owner Branden Whitfield seems to be the best choice remaining, after serving as vice chairman of the city’s Development Authority. (The chairman, Skip Baliles, is mayor-elect.)

Whatever happens, we hope for calm. It’s the only way Loganville will move forward.

Our View is the opinion of The Tribune editorial board, which includes Proprietor Patrick Graham and Editor and Publisher David Clemons.

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I'm with the Tribune. The behavior of 4 candidates leave NO choice except Anne Huntsinger, Branden Whitfield and James Wilson.

Regardless of your party affiliation, candidates produced by one party for a non-partisan election is out of line.

Candidates that will bully and bend the rules to try and put their names out front and would support FB groups that clearly are nothing more than an attempt to discredit instead of showing their credentials to the citizens are not viable candidates at all. All those two (Long and Parsons) have talked about is the one project. They have shown me nothing in their background to support being a reasonable council person.

So, now you have 2 that want it their way, 2 that are there at the request of outside forces. That leaves 3.... These ARE the right choices for Loganville this election.

Loganville, keep it calm and sane and put people in place that already has a good understanding of how city government works. Selecting anyone else will only bring more discord to the community.


Patti Wolfe

All candidates have basically the same or similar platforms for the future growth of Loganville. And let's face it, no matter what their visions are, nothing will happen unless 4 Council Members vote in agreement. That being said, for me, this election comes down to CHARACTER. The Six Pillars of Character are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. You decide which candidates possess these qualities.........

1) Anne Huntsinger - Facts I've learned by interviewing knowledgeable people in the arena of development and commercial real estate are that Huntsinger did exactly what an astute business person should have done, allow negotiations to continue until and/or unless there was no longer room for compromise. Were her actions the night the project was voted down a reflection of her character...In my opinion, they were not. They were a reflection of passion, the same thoughts I had when Terry Parson stood before Council with a coloring book because the Mayor disparaged his drawings....Unprofessional- absolutely, understandable - yes.

2) Melanie Long - The cornerstone of Long's campaign, as admitted by her, is eminent domain. For 2 years she told the citizens how poorly she was treated by disparaging the reputations of Danny Roberts, Jeremy Dupree and Connolly staff. There are documented e-mails that refute her story. She has proclaimed herself "the voice of the people" carrying "the weight" of the citizens on her shoulders. During 2020, Connolly era, she requested 1 ORR in Nov. 2020 regarding condemnation of a home. ALL other information she posted, to my knowledge, (supported by factual documentation) was obtained from other people who had done the work and shared it with her.

3) James Wilson - Has proven his love for people by his willingness to put his life on the line each and every day for our protection. Will that caring translate into doing what's best for the citizens of Loganville? He has chosen to take a moderate position, not making any promises until all factors are known. No promises he cannot keep. Appears, in my opinion, to be a calming force in the midst of disagreements, an ability to work with one and all.

4) Branden Whitfield - Well educated, expertise in real estate, 2 viable businesses in Loganville, 3rd generation Loganvillian, Co-Chairman on Loganville Development Authority, consistently volunteers at City Events, has met with the Monroe Development Authority, met with our City leaders, met with Manager of O'Kelly Memorial Library, Studied the Planning and Zoning codes for the past year.....all to prepare for a potential position on Council. Collects money for the food banks on weekends, member of the Lions club and is an Eagle Scout.

5) Terry Parsons - Has a successful business, well educated, volunteered for the Citizen's Advisory Group (CAG), selected to be member of Loganville Development Authority but opted to run for Council, was involved in the successful (some would say) attempt to stop the Connolly project. Has been, IMO, reticent in answering questions from all citizens, opting instead to disparage those people who asked questions he did not like. Has put forth a "vision" but has not done any research to establish viability of such a project.

6 & 7) Shenia Devine and Rosa Steele - I do not feel I have enough knowledge to offer factual or well reasoned comments. Both women have, IMO, been unfairly and viciously attacked by FB for what appears to be their involvement with Democrat Operatives. Personally, I see no difference in that than 2 Facebook pages who claim to welcome all candidates and posters yet have a distinct and obvious bias for Terry Parsons and Melanie long. Viciously (personally) attacking all dissenters with absolutely no proof of what they say, blocking them, deleting their comments...Whether it be Democrat Operatives or deceitful FB pages, IMO, the results are the same. Both are attempting to affect the results of an election.

There you have opinion based on factual data. Some will read it with thoughtfulness, some will attack it. Some will call me a traitor, an idiot, a nag, a Judas, stupid, thin skinned, uneducated, troublemaker, a liar, etc., etc., etc.. An interesting fact, those doing all the name calling have never once asked me why, as a previous supporter of certain candidates and policies, I have changed my mind. Could it be because like it or not, it is common knowledge that I do my homework, seek out documents, find the facts, search for truth, interview experts and will not be silenced. So, when you have nothing else to support your attack. Pay attention citizens, CHARACTER still counts in Loganville. This election is not about friendship, it's about LEADERSHIP.

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