It is certainly disappointing that none of the challengers to the incumbents in the Monroe elections made it to the forums sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce this week.

Not the man who wants to be mayor, and not either of the two men challenging for a City Council seat.

I admire anyone who’ll put himself or herself up for public service. It’s a mighty tough thing to do, facing public scrutiny and all of the demands on time and patience. But it does require a little buy-in.

And by challenging an incumbent, you’re asking the voters to make one decision: Fire that guy and hire me.

But if you can’t show up for the interview, well, that’s a mighty big ask.

There’s one more chance at hearing from the local candidates as candidates for office in Between and Loganville, at 6 p.m. Oct. 7 at Loganville City Hall.

I’m impressed Between has enough candidates to necessitate a forum. It wasn’t long ago the town wondered if it would have to be dissolved.

Loganville is another matter, with the at-large race sparking all kinds of talk online, much of it unflattering.

Hopefully, if candidates have something to say, they’ll say it themselves, publicly, and not leave it to supporters online.

The chance to do that is next week. I really, truly hope the voters of Loganville and Between get the chance Monroe voters were denied this week — and that Monroe voters remember it.

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