Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, came out swinging this week at well, just about everyone!

“I have never seen such horrible National Football League officiating in my life! These clowns make huge six figures per season and I can find better officials at high school football games! So many wrong penalties called against the Falcons is a disgrace. These so-called officials favored our opponents. We lost at least four games because of them! Very unfair!”

He didn’t stop there.

“The fake media in Atlanta is against my team. After we lost to the Buccaneers last Sunday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote, ‘The Falcons tumultuous season came mercifully to an end Sunday in Tampa, Florida.’ That terrible sportswriter should be fired! They pressured me into firing one of the greatest coaches of all time, Dan Quinn. Well, I did and now, there is a reason coach Raheem Morris is called an interim, because he is gone!

“No one likes me and everyone is against me. OK, OK, maybe Bernie Marcus still likes me! But Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner … what a joke! Useless!”

Arthur never said these things. Arthur never would. While some consider him overinvolved in his team and even partially responsible for its propensity to lose, he has class and refrains from publicly disparaging coaches and players. He knows what it is like to lose and accepts that his team lost 12 of its 16 games this painful season in a dignified manner. Arthur will not focus on blaming; he will focus on solving problems. Arthur accepts that losing is part of life.

This is quite unlike our soon-to-be former president who insanely and ridiculously refuses to acknowledge he lost the presidential election and is a one-term president. He attacks anyone and everyone who declines to support his insanity, his ongoing destruction of our Constitution and disparaging the other two branches of our government.

As he went after everyone who testified against him during his impeachment hearing, he went after Gov. Brian Kemp because Kemp upheld the election results that were counted three times not in the president’s favor by saying, “He should resign.”

I am convinced Donald Trump could have won a second term handily! I do. If he had taken a course of compassion and humility after testing positive for COVID-19 and being hospitalized, he would have been reelected. All he had to do was get on primetime national television and say, “I stand before you with much embarrassment and humility. I was wrong about coronavirus. I never fully accepted the dangers and that I could have easily been one of the statistics in the death column of this virus. But I am recommitting myself and our federal government to save as many of you as I can from the ravages of this virus. I am deeply sorry so many Americans have not only been infected, but have lost their lives. If a loved one is not sitting next to you as you watch this telecast, I am deeply sorry.

“I am asking you to forgive me and extend to me and my administration another chance to not only eradicate this virus from our shores, but to demonstrate to the world that the United States will be a leader in getting the job done. Thank you for your support. God bless all of you and God bless the United States of America.”

But, of course, this is a Donald Trump no one has ever known, nor will they ever!

Tim Schnabel is a retired marriage and family therapist from Walton County.

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