There’s a reason we sit today, wondering if we’ll have college football in 2020.

No other way around it, our nation lacked the will to fight COVID-19.

We didn’t believe in shared sacrifice, even if that was as small an ask as wearing a mask to the grocery store.

In a country where a majority of people proclaim themselves “pro-life,” that was revealed to be a lie. We’re pro-birth, but taking literally any precautions to save Grandma was a measure too far.

If you’re concerned about the spread of the illness caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak, you’re considered scared or weak or just want to affect (insert political party here).

This could have been simple. There’s history to learn from, and we’ve seen other countries affected by COVID-19.

New Zealand has seen a lack of new cases for more than 100 days now.

We in the U.S. have just topped 5 million people affected with no end in sight.

Starting at the top, our country has lacked the will to buck up and fight COVID-19, or even truly admit there’s a problem. That worries me, because I recall the stories of my grandparents’ time — ration books, blackouts and the like from World War II.

Could we come together like that again? The results from this go-around with a common enemy don’t give me hope.

Please, prove me wrong.

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