The special election on March 24 to fill the vacant seat on the Walnut Grove City Council is an important one. We certainly need someone in that position who is an independent thinker, an advocate for the people, one dedicated to task and one who can and will work with the mayor and members of the City Council in the best interest of our citizens.

We need someone with actual experience and understanding of our City government. I believe that person is Mary Hall!

Mary and her family have lived in Walnut Grove since 2002. She has been active and taken leadership roles in our local schools and has demonstrated a keen interest in the growth and development of our city and surrounding community.

While Mayor, I had the privilege of appointing Mary to Walnut Grove’s Planning and Zoning Commission in 2005, a position she held until the commission was dissolved in 2012. She served as chairperson of that body for several years during her tenure. So, I know firsthand the leadership ability she possesses, her organizational skills, her dedication and her love for and interest in the City of Walnut Grove.

Mary Hall is a person of integrity, one with impeccable character, and one I am proud to recommend to you for a seat on the Walnut Grove City Council.

Please vote for Mary Hall for councilwoman of the city of Walnut Grove.

Don Cannon, Walnut Grove

The writer served as mayor of Walnut Grove until his retirement in 2012.