Early voting

Signs at the Nowell Recreation Center direct voters for early in-person voting May 18, 2020, in Monroe, Ga.

As a child, one of my favorite things to do with my parents was go with them to vote.

I’m sure the feeling was not mutual. Who wants a little kid hanging around, especially if he’s going to be bad?

Yes, I didn’t always behave.

Take the time we were in line to vote at what was then City Hall and I guess I was hungry, so I helped myself to a heaping helping of the forearm of a woman who joined us in line.

In later years, I remember going in the voting booths at the Albertville Coliseum, where they had the mechanical system. You’d literally flip a switch for the candidate of your choice. I guess my big mouth in a small town was a dangerous combination because I remember Mom letting me go in there with her one year, but making me close my eyes.

We should have known then where I’d be today, getting paid to ask questions that are none of my business. But, I digress.

I’ve always enjoyed the political process, even if I didn’t always behave during it. Now, it consumes our everyday lives.

There was a time when we’d look forward to Election Day as some far-off thing. And while technically that’s 34 days away, for all intents and purposes it’s here, now.

I’ve received and thrown away more absentee ballot request forms from the political parties than I can recall.

This time next week, voter registration will be complete. The deadline is Monday.

And the next week, in-person early voting starts. That runs weekdays Oct. 12-30, plus Saturday, Oct. 24. This election cycle, there are two places in Walton County to take part: Meridian Park in Loganville and Nowell Recreation Center in downtown Monroe.

We’ve heard you, our readers, and know you want to know more about the candidates before you vote, and that more and more, you prefer to vote early. So we’re publishing a voter’s guide in the Oct. 10-11 edition where you’ll hear from the candidates, in their own words, about why they deserve your vote.

These elections have huge local interest — yours and mine. Together we’ll study the candidates in races up and down the ballot and get through this historic season.

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