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High Prices

Gas prices across Walton County have topped the $3-a-gallon mark in recent weeks, as shown at the Valero on East Spring Street in downtown Monroe, Ga., on Friday afternoon, Oct. 22, 2021.

Immediately after President Joe Biden took office, he went about the business of turning back the clock on every policy his predecessor had put in place.

From canceling the Keystone Pipeline to allowing men to participate in women’s sports to whatever else you can think of, the new president went about dismantling the previous administration’s version of our country with reckless abandon.

And after every announcement, which at that time typically took the form of some kind of harebrained executive order, my friend and neighbor Keith Glass would take to social media and rhetorically ask his friends and neighbors who may have voted for Biden a simple question.

“Y’all proud yet?”

When Glass, Monroe’s former police chief, would really take exception to what the president was doing he’d answer the question for Biden supporters.

“Y’all must be super proud now.”

I laughed, and I mean every single time he did it, because, well, it’s funny.

But I also couldn’t help but think, I’ll bet Biden supporters are super proud. “Anybody but Trump” was a mantra I heard loud and often from a lot of Biden supporters, and the new president certainly fit the bill.

But that was then. This is now.

Then, the average United States citizen wasn’t feeling it in his pocket book the way he or she is now. Then it was still all brand new, and all those harebrained policies he was putting in place hadn’t had time to have an impact yet.

Now they do.

Now we are all paying twice as much for a gallon of gas. No reason to stop at fuel costs, though.

Inflation caused by the government’s unabated appetite to spend tax dollars it doesn’t have combined with empty store shelves caused by a teetering supply chain that is bucking the president’s vaccine mandate, equals paying more, and a lot more, for everything.

Last year we were told we couldn’t have Christmas because of the pandemic. This year it’s because we are spoiled to think we should have the ability to buy gifts.

Speaking of the vaccine mandate, I haven’t even gotten to all the people who are getting fired or are having to quit their jobs because of it. All those people we declared to be heroes last year during the height of the pandemic — first responders, nurses, teachers and the like — have now all been declared unclean if unvaccinated and have to go.

Don’t forget leaving hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan along with $80 billion of some of our most sophisticated military weaponry.

Should we get into the border crisis the administration has created, with an estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants a month now projected to be entering the country? Nah, we’ll save that for another time.

“Y’all proud yet?”

I wonder if Chief would get a different answer from Biden supporters today than he did just a few short months ago.

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