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Gridiron Guide

Gridiron Guide 2018, The Tribune's football magazine, hits the streets Wednesday, Aug. 15.

What Kevin Reach did in his first year at Monroe Area High School was special.

Reach took over a program with six wins in two years and put together a 10-win season ending in the second round of the state playoffs against the eventual Class AAA champion as the Purple Hurricanes successfully reignited the passion of its fans and the community with their improbable turnaround.

How in the world did Reach do that? How did he do it so quickly? More importantly, will Monroe Area reach (see what I did there?) even greater heights in year two of his tenure as head coach?

And probably most importantly, what are all of the coaches in Walton County doing to have a Reach-like sudden impact on their respective programs?

You’ll be able to read all about it in our 2018 Gridiron Guide, publishing Wednesday in The Walton Tribune. This 68-page glossy magazine is the only place in the world you will be able to find this kind of in-depth coverage of high school football in Walton County, with stories previewing each team’s upcoming season and individual pictures of every high school player for all the high schools in our coverage area.

However, Gridiron Guide is just the start of the college-level coverage of local high school football we provide our readers.

Once the season kicks off, which believe it or not the first games of the high school season will be Friday, you’ll be able to keep up with all the high school action every weekend in our special SportsExtra section.

SportsExtra replaces our regular Sports section and will include game stories and pictures from all the local high school action on Friday night. A preview of that weekend’s Georgia game will be a part of the section as well.

I’m amazed each year at the effort the staff puts in for you on Friday nights to make sure you get next day coverage of your favorite local high school football team. Those efforts will be doubled this year as we have some additional hoops to jump through in order to get the paper and SportsExtra to the post office in time for a Saturday delivery.

It’s all worth it, however, because we know how important this sports coverage is to you.

Again, we will be the only place in the world you can get this kind of coverage of high school football locally, and you will be able to get it the very next day.

So awesome.

Every year I ask if you are ready for some football, Walton County.

I already know the answer: You are.

So are we.

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