House Speaker David Ralston has proposed a radical solution to the ongoing controversy over last month’s elections.

He wants to take away our right to pick the secretary of state.

Ralston said he’ll try and pass an amendment to the state Constitution that would make the secretary of state — who among other duties serves as the chief elections officer — appointed by the General Assembly rather than elected popularly every four years.

Baby, meet bath water.

The argument is that, during the days of our founding, offices like U.S. senator were chosen by state legislators who were more accessible — and accountable — to everyday people.

Also during the founding, Blacks were three-fifths of a person. Let’s not stumble too far down this slippery slope.

Ralston said he made his decision after criticism from constituents in his north Georgia district. And that’s fair. But the unhappiness over the results of the presidential election shouldn’t mean taking away Georgians’ right to choose who holds this very important office.

Voters will deliver the verdict on Raffensperger in 2022. That’s the ultimate accountability.

Our View on the Issue is the opinion of The Tribune’s editorial board, which includes Proprietor Patrick Graham and Editor and Publisher David Clemons.

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