Monroe prides itself on being the birthplace of governors. Seven people from here have gone on to be governor of Georgia, and one more led Texas.

We can’t claim Brian Kemp, but for all the time he’s spent here, Walton County might as well be able to call him one of our own.

Even before his time as secretary of state, Kemp has been visible in our area. Roy Roberts Sr., longtime head of the Walton County Republican Party, jokes that Kemp is his long-lost son. (Kemp, to his credit, is quick to point out he takes after his mother.)

An endorsement from President Donald Trump during the heated Republican runoff against Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has lifted Kemp to the GOP nomination, where he faces former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams and Libertarian Ted Metz in the Nov. 6 general election.

Of the three candidates on the ballot, Kemp by far offers the best platform to continue the progress made by Gov. Nathan Deal in improving Georgia’s economy. This remains the best state to do business, and in particular Walton and surrounding counties have gotten their fair share. Indeed, Stanton Springs in the Social Circle area has been the beneficiary of two of the biggest projects in the Deal administration, Shire and Facebook. Kemp is the best choice to keep that economic progress going.

Abrams would take Georgia in a totally new direction. She’s an unapologetic liberal, and that’s just not Walton County. The Democratic Party didn’t give us another moderate in the mold of Jason Carter from four years ago, but instead we’re faced with a candidate who would remake our state in a way that doesn’t fit the desires of the vast majority of the people here.

Kemp has executive branch experience with two terms as the secretary of state, and he knows how the General Assembly works too through his time as a state senator in the Athens area. (Also, his brother-in-law is Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert, a member of the Walton County legislative delegation.)

He is prepared for this job and has the backing of Trump and Deal. Kemp has our confidence and we endorse him to Walton County voters.

Our View is the opinion of the Walton Tribune editorial board, which includes Owner Patrick Graham and Editor and Publisher David Clemons.


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