The Atlanta Braves said Monday they’re going to make a ballgame in SunTrust Park a little bit safer.

Yet they’re getting a heaping of criticism for it online.

The Braves said they’ll be extending the netting roughly from foul pole to foul pole in an effort to protect fans.


We’ve seen too many instances where a foul ball has gone into the stands and caused serious injury. A ball hurt a 2-year-old child at a game in Houston. The sorrow felt by the Cubs player who hit the ball was moving.

Some people are complaining this will detract from the fun of a day at the ballpark. To that we say, so does a line drive to the face. Balls are leaving the bat faster than ever — 100 mph or more.

And with fans more distracted than ever, by cellphones and by the constant sideshows baseball teams throw at us, this is as much a no-brainer as renaming the stadium for Hank Aaron would be.

Chop On.

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