There are plenty of reasons for the Social Circle City Schools to dig in against calls to change the Redskins mascot.

Every time we run an article on the subject — which has been every time there’s a school board meeting, as it has become a frequent topic during citizen comments — many of our readers have plenty to say.

They’ll say attempts to change this are political correctness run amok, or an attempt by the few to overturn the will of the many.

They’ll say plenty of Native Americans aren’t that offended, or that Redskins is a badge of honor in Social Circle.

Certainly, all of these opinions are to be considered, as are those on the other side. It’s a weighty issue. But the manner in which the school system announced its decision leaves a lot to be desired.

After The Tribune asked if the board would follow its usual protocol of issuing a response to citizen input, and polling board members only to receive nonanswers, Superintendent Robbie Hooker issued an open letter noting a consensus of the “governance team” that the district should focus on health and safety in the wake of the pandemic.

Also, Hooker noted, no one brought this up during the development of a strategic plan. (No one brought up COVID-19 then either, but times change.)

If the board and superintendent want to keep the Redskins mascot, fine. Citizens elect board members, who in turn hire the superintendent.

But they ought to discuss it publicly, put their names to it and give a better reason than to blame the pandemic. Say you don’t think the issues brought up by alumni who’ve been speaking at meetings hold water, if you think that’s the case. You owe that to the citizens who would agree with you.

But blaming the pandemic is simply kicking the can down the road.

Our View is the opinion of the Walton Tribune editorial board, which includes Proprietor Patrick Graham and Editor and Publisher David Clemons.

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Why did your editorial completely leave out the point made about the cost of a change?

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